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Galpão Alsanner

Welcome to ALSANNER

Alsanner Equipamentos Ltda. is a company based in São Paulo, with over a decade of proven experience in material handling solutions for various segments of the industry. We distribute throughout Brazil, ergonomic equipment that complies with the regulatory standards and ranges from vacuum and electric manipulators, lifting tables, electric lifting trolleys, and mobile units, to telescopic belt conveyor, overhead crane systems and rotating gantries.

Quality and innovation are key concepts in our company, allied to leading-edge technology and ergonomics. That is why we work with the quality and technology of the Danish companies Hovmand, Translyft and Al-Lift, and the German company Fezer, which produce equipment of proven quality and incorporate all the precepts that are important to us. Our products, in addition to improving the safety and health of employees, also contribute to increased productivity in companies, reduced operating costs, and improved internal processes.

Our qualified professionals develop complete projects especially customized to solve your company’s cargo and material handling challenge. To this, we also add individual and dedicated equipment training, specialized technical assistance, and spare parts for immediate delivery.


To offer complete solutions in cargo and material handling that offer more safety and well-being to the collaborator, as well as more efficiency in the processes, increase in productivity, and reduction in the operational costs of the companies.


Always innovate! With an eye on the future, we understand that innovation combined with technology and qualified professionals are the path to recognition and continuous growth in the Brazilian market.


We strive for excellence in quality and service, continuously seeking to create and maintain a good relationship with all of our customers, suppliers, and employees, through trust and commitment.

Why Alsanner?


Proven experience in material handling.


We distribute throughout Brazil.


Professionals qualified in customizing projects.


Our technical assistance is specialized.


We operate in all segments of the industry.


We have spare parts for immediate delivery.