AL-Lift offers everything in vacuum lifters for various segments of the industry, including construction. They develop and produce lifting and handling equipment that make the workday more efficient, relieving the physical effort of employees and reducing injuries. Among the mobile units, they have removable solutions integrated with a vacuum system or with an electric hoist.

AL-Lift’s guiding DNA is based on the values of not compromising on quality and technology. The company’s vision is to create high quality products, manufactured and tested in-house. With over 30 years of experience in the production of vacuum lifters and attentive to market changes, they are one of Europe’s most experienced companies within this field. Their mobile units have proven to be a true innovation in the material handling field.

They cooperate with major Danish and international companies, showing themselves to be an active partner in the technological development of material handling equipment. They have the reputation of being a good supplier and a safe investment, as well as offering very competitive prices in the market. The consulting team can create customized solutions, and the skilled technicians and installers guarantee a high level of service.

Al-Lift's CEO Allan Laursen


Unidade móvel AL-PACK MOBILE

Mobile Unit Mobile Al-Pack (MAP)

Mobile unit to assist in the ergonomic handling of materials. Easy to transport and use. Capacity to handle up to 80 kg.
Unidades móveis a vácuo e elétricas

Mobile Unit Al-Pack BAT (MAP-BAT)

This vacuum handling equipment was specially developed to move materials in narrow places and to work with power autonomy. It can handle up to 100 kg.

Mobile Unit Al-Pack Uno EL (MAP-Uno EL)

Mobile electric lifter for handling materials weighing up to 100 kg. Easy to handle with only one hand. Low power consumption.
Unidade móvel AL-PACK MOBILE EL

Mobile Unit Al-Pack BAT Uno EL (MAP-BAT Uno EL)

Electric mobile unit with up to 8 hours of battery autonomy. Easily moves various materials weighing up to 100 kg.
Unidade Móvel Flexmover

Mobile Unit Flexmover

This mobile unit is ideal to move and lift ergonomically materials of up to 1.000 kg on uneven or rough surfaces.
Elevador elétrico E300 barra

Elevador Elétrico E300

O E300 é o elevador elétrico da empresa dinamarquesa Hovmand, idealizado para a movimentação de materiais pesados e que necessitam de ambientes higiênicos. Sua capacidade é de até 300 kg.


• The mobile units can be removable and integrated with vacuum system or with electric hoist.
• The equipment is versatile, capable of moving, for example, long items in narrow aisles on both sides of the pallet jack.
• Quality and technology are a priority for them. They want to be the innovative inspiration, for products as well as for the partner.
• They always seek to ensure the best possible solution that perfectly suits the customer’s purpose.
• They aim to be a valuable business partner, ensuring a complete 360° experience.
• They value a close contact with customers and partners.



Allan Laursen started importing and distributing machines and tools for the construction industry from his home garage in Lemvig, Denmark.


The company AL-Material a/s delivered the world’s first vacuum lifter for handling and lifting paving slabs.


Due to the need for more space, the company decided to bring all departments together under one roof of 1500 m², still in Lemvig.


After a period of continuous growth, the private company became a joint venture company under the name AL-VAC a/s, with Allan Laursen as the sole shareholder.


Won the Gazelle Award for the first time. Every year, the Danish business newspaper Børsen issues the Gazelle Award to companies that have doubled their business revenue in the previous 4 years.


Allan Laursen’s company was sold in the fall of this year. He handed over Al-Material a/s to the new shareholders.


Allan Laursen has established AL-Lift ApS in new premises. The company now produces and sells lifting and handling equipment in Denmark and to other countries around the world.


AL-Lift ApS took over the premises of AL-Material a/s located in Transportvej in the city of Lemvig. AL-Lift now has 4000 m² for high-specification production and storage facilities to develop and expand.


Won the Gazelle Award for the fifth time.

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