Material and cargo handling equipment.

Ergonomics is currently receiving more and more attention in the industrial workplace. This is due not only to the fact that ergonomics is a legal requirement in the N 17 regulatory standard, but also because companies are starting to realize the real benefits of implementing it in the workplace.

The primary function of ergonomics is to ensure appropriate working conditions that promote the well-being, comfort, health, better performance, and safety of a company’s employees. The results of investing in ergonomics benefit not only the employee, but also result in a visible increase in productivity, in the optimization of production processes, in the reduction of operational costs, and in the reduction of work accidents, employee absences and leaves.

Therefore, it is natural that the industry, in its various segmentation, seeks ergonomic solutions to meet the requirements of the regulatory standard and also to bring significant improvements to itself.

In the material handling area, there is a lot of equipment specially developed to bring all these ergonomic aspects to the material handling and cargo transport tasks. Having this in mind, Alsanner searched the market for different material handling solutions and created partnerships with Danish and German manufacturers. They allow us to distribute throughout Brazil efficient and quality-proven equipment that helps companies with the ergonomics issue in the industrial environment.

Equipamentos para a movimentação de cargas e materiais


Manipuladores a vácuo VPL_VM_chapa

Vacuum Lifter

Fezer's vacuum lifters are versatile and serve different applications in various industry segments. Available are both high-speed models, capable of handling materials up to 50 kg, and more robust models capable of handling, for example, heavy steel plates weighing up to 50 t.
Elevador elétrico Impact_70_bobinas

Electric Lifting Trolley

Hovmand's electric lifting trolley are designed to transport, handle, and rotate various materials weighing up to 300 kg. The different models offer ergonomic and efficient solutions, which can be adapted according to the customer's needs.
Unidades móveis a vácuo e elétricas

Mobile Units

Moving materials from one place to another, in hard-to-access places, or in places with uneven surfaces becomes easy with AL-Lift's mobile units. The models are versatile, safe, and easy to handle, and can be either vacuum or electric.
Mesa elevatória padrão

Lifting Table

Translyft's lifting tables are great for lifting materials to an ergonomically suitable working height, offering lifting capacities from 500 kg to 12 t. Painted, galvanized or stainless-steel models as well as accessories are available for even greater customization.
Esteira transportadora telescópica

Telescopic Conveyor Belt

Alsanner's telescopic conveyor belt facilitates, for example, the loading and unloading of trucks and containers in distribution centers. It consists of four chassis with retractable belt modules that together add up to almost 15 m in length and a total load capacity of up to 50 kg per linear meter. It also moves in the coordinates X and Y and rotates 360°.