Electric lifting trolley Impact 200

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Combined with electric tools, it is also suitable for handling drums. 24-hour operation, possible due to replaceable batteries. Capacity for up to 200 kg.

When the job is tough, the electric lifting trolley IMPACT 200 is the most reliable and heavy-duty lifting equipment for the job. This is because it lifts, carries, and handles materials up to 200 kg. Thanks to its replaceable batteries, it can work for 24 hours without power loss. The electric lifting trolley IMPACT 200 comes with a variety of electric and hand tools for heavy tasks, which can be configured according to your needs and are available in various sizes and materials.

The electric lifting trolley IMPACT 200 makes it easy to manipulate coils and drums by remote control. This not only brings fluidity to your processes, but also raises your production efficiency to a new level. In addition, you can choose the mast height, leg types and platform that best suits your company’s operations.

Industry Automotive, Packaging, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Boxes, Crates, Electronic devices, Sacks
Equipment Electric Lifting Trolley
Manufacturer Hovmand

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