Mobile Unit Al-Pack BAT Uno EL (MAP-BAT Uno EL)

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Electric mobile unit with up to 8 hours of battery autonomy. Easily moves various materials weighing up to 100 kg.

The Mobile Unit AL-Pack BAT Uno EL (MAP-BAT Uno EL) is the battery-powered version of the Mobile Unit MAP-Uni EL. The 24V battery has a battery autonomy of up to 8h and a charger, making the mobile unit independent from an external power supply. Because it has low power consumption, if combined with an integrated battery set, it can operate up to 30 hours uninterrupted.

The rest of the characteristics and optional features of the Mobile Unit MAP-BAT Uno EL are the same as those of the Mobile Unit MAP-Uno EL. This means that it also has a bi-articulated arm, which allows the material handling equipment to operate in hard-to-reach areas, a quick change of the suction terminal without the use of an additional tool, a speed-adjustable hoist, and a standard hoist hook.

Industry Construction, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Bales, Boxes, Crates, Sacks, Sheets and panels
Equipment Mobile Units
Manufacturer Al-Lift

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