Mobile Unit Al-Pack (MAP)

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Mobile unit to assist in the ergonomic handling of materials. Easy to transport and use. Capable of handling up to 80 kg.

The Mobile Unit AL-Pack (MAP) is a mobile and vacuum materials handling system developed by the Danish company AL-Lift, which allows easy, fast, and efficient handling of various materials weighing up to 80 kg and in various formats. It is basically composed of mast, articulated arm, vacuum pump, hose, and suction terminal.

The bi-articulated arm enables the operation of the Mobile Unit AL-Pack (MAP) in narrow and hard-to-access areas, and the mechanical locking system is designed for both the inner and outer arms. The suction terminal can be easily changed, without any tools, ensuring more agility in the process. The equipment also offers a wide variety of suction terminals, and optional features, such as remote start/stop control, electric-hydraulic mast, and tri-articulated arms, among others.

The Mobile Unit AL-Pack (MAP) does not have batteries, so its power supply must be integrated to a pallet jack’s 24V or 48V batteries. The advantage of this equipment is precisely its mobility, since it can be transported by a pallet jack to any place where the handling of light loads is necessary, bringing efficiency to production processes and reducing physical effort.

Industry Construction, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Bales, Boxes, Crates, Sacks, Sheets and panels
Equipment Mobile Units
Manufacturer Al-Lift

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