Single scissors lifting table

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A standard lifting table is extremely popular for lifting goods to an optimal working height for the employee. This not only ensures a better efficiency, but also a better working height, therefore improving working conditions.

Translyft’s standard lifting table is a material lifting equipment that improves your company’s efficiency and productivity, while protecting your employees from the daily stresses caused by heavy lifting, improper working positions, and variations in working height.

It is designed to lift or lower objects weighing up to 1.200 kg to the desired height and is equipped with a work platform, which allows the operator to accommodate various objects on top of it. The arms that hold the construction resemble scissors and have wheels that run parallel to them.

Translyft’s standard lifting table can be adapted according to the needs of the workflow and include, for example, tilting. The surface treatment options are 3: RAL paint, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. However, solutions in ATEX and hygienic design are also available.

You can customize the 53 variants of the standard lifting table by adding accessories such as handrails, conveyor belts, automatic stop, and more.

Industry Automotive, Construction, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutics, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Boxes, Crates, Food, Sacks, Tires
Equipment Lifting Table
Manufacturer Translyft

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