Telescopic Belt Conveyor

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When loading and unloading trucks and containers, a telescopic belt conveyor makes all the difference. This solution extends from the permanent belt to the truck trailer, making the loading and unloading process faster, easier, and safer.

The telescopic belt conveyor is a self-manufactured equipment for handling materials on trucks and containers in loading and unloading areas, such as in docks and distribution centers. It is composed of 4 chassis with conveyor modules, being 1 fixed module and 3 retractable. Together, they measure up to 14,880 mm in length, and are moved by remote control.

The telescopic belt conveyor can move in the X and Y coordinates, in addition to a 360° rotation, thanks to its wheels with independent motors. Considering the moving directions of the conveyor, the equipment features 2 intelligent control panels, one on the side and another on the front of the conveyor. These panels contain on/off commands, forward/reverse telescopic movement, up/down hydraulic movement, forward/reverse belt drive, and emergency stop. If you choose to add the telescopic tower for the vacuum lifter to the assembly, the control panel will also include the commands: tower up/down and vacuum pump on/off.

Furthermore, the telescopic belt conveyor has a lifting platform for the operator to ease the manipulation of materials at high heights, an automatic alignment sensor for the belt/pan, a power cable for outlet, and, optionally, a presence sensor counter. Everything you need to automate the loading and unloading area of your company in a modern and efficient way.

Industry Chemical, Construction, Pharmaceutics, Ports and Airports, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Boxes, Crates, Luggage, Sacks
Equipment Telescopic Conveyor Belt
Manufacturer Alsanner

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