Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy VB-90E

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The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E allows a safe and flexible handling of materials at 90°. Its lifting capacity is up to 1.500 kg.

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E is a material handling solution that can easily swivel by 90° loads weighing up to 1.500 kg and stop them at any point during the rotation. For this purpose, it uses electric cylinders or gear motors. It moves without damages aluminum, plastic, and steel plates, oxidized steel plates, checkered sheets, glass and window elements, stone slabs, laminated beams, sandwich panels, and much more.

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E is easy to control using the ergonomic handle with buttons for the tilt function and safety check of the vacuum release. The suspension point is adjustable to accommodate dynamic loading over the entire tilt arc. It comes painted in safety yellow and supplied with an integrated vacuum accumulator (safety tank) and warning system. The adjustable and articulated suction feet can be insulated for even greater flexibility. The oil-free vacuum pump offers a low-maintenance and a safe retention of the workpiece.

Optional features offered by Fezer for the vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E are an optical warning system, increased pump efficiency, pendant support, main and cross beams of variable length, integrated crane controls, automatic suction and release controls, and water separator for wet or damp workpieces.

Industry Automotive, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Sheets and panels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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