Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM

The compact design and low weight make the vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM the ideal partner for handling loads weighing up to 350 kg.

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM is a safe lifting equipment, which includes a vacuum tank and an acoustic safety system. It is ideal for horizontal or vertical lifting of aluminum and steel plates, as well as containers, barrels, rusted sheets, checkered sheets, glass, stone slabs or plywood weighing up to 350 kg.

Fezer’s vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM offers single suction feet or accessories with multiple suction pads that cover a wide spectrum of applications. It also offers optional features such as battery pack, pneumatic supply (compressed air), optical warning system, increased pump efficiency, pendant crane support, main and cross beams of variable lengths, quick-change couplings for various suction plates.

Since no oil is used in the vacuum pump, the vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM is easy to maintain. Its intelligent and ergonomic design allows the equipment to be operated by only one person, using a manual valve.

Industry Automotive, Chemical, Metallurgic, Pharmaceutics, Technology
Application Boxes, Drums and barrels, Electronic devices, Sheets and panels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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