Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV

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Vacuum manipulator with capacity to move materials up to 500 kg. Has independent suction feet, which allow better flexibility in the position of the load during the process.

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV is a material lifting solution developed by Fezer to handle items, both horizontally and vertically. It moves, for example, glass panels, metal plates, stone slabs, checkered sheets, laminated plates, and other items weighing up to 500 kg.

The highlight of the vacuum lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV is that it handles heavy objects with ease and causes no damage to the workpiece. It is controlled by a single operator thanks to the vacuum release valve with safety lock. The adaptable suction feet can be disabled individually for greater flexibility. This gives the operator control over the angle of the workpiece, placing the suction feet according to the required movement. By placing the suction feet, for example, in the center of a plate, the product remains horizontal. If they are placed on one side of the sheet, the product naturally tilts as the hoist lifts the device. This provides a safe and controlled handling solution that is super versatile and highly effective!

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV has an acoustic safety system and integrated vacuum accumulator (safety tank). The vacuum pump, being oil-free, is low-maintenance and offers a high level of safety. In addition, the vacuum lifter also offers optional features such as battery, electric, or compressed air supply, visual warning system, water separator for wet workpieces, increased vacuum pump capacity, and main beam of variable lengths.

Industry Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Concrete blocks, Electronic devices, Sheets and panels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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