Vacuum Lifter VacuCoil VC-90E

This vacuum manipulator, besides moving horizontally, also swivels heavy coils up to 2.500 kg by 90°.

The vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC-90E, from the German manufacturer Fezer, has the same features and capabilities as the vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC, except that it not only moves coils horizontally, but also swivel them by 90°. This changes its capacity to 2.500 kg.

In the swivel mechanism of the vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC-90E there are stroke ends and arbitrary stop points throughout the entire tilt arc. The ergonomic double-grip handle features buttons for the tilt function and manual valve or electric solenoid release valve.

Optional features can be added to the vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC-90E and bring many more benefits to the process. Individual chamber monitoring, automatic activation of the suction chambers and bottom gripper, rigid or telescopic spindles for attaching coils with varying core diameters, are just a few examples of some of the equipment’s additional features.

Industry Metallurgic, Packaging, Paper
Application Reels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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