Vacuum Lifter VacuCoil VC

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Equipment for vacuum handling reels weighing up to 5 t, efficiently and safely.

The vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC has been specially developed by Fezer to horizontally move reels, slit reel rings, and paper rolls weighing up to 5 t. The device can lift and move materials in a completely safe, efficient, and damage-free manner, and can also be equipped with suction feet made of plastic, steel, or aluminum that fit perfectly to the product. Because they are adjustable and articulated, they can be individually disconnected for even greater system flexibility. Powerful vacuum generators guarantee a safe operating vacuum and a great leak tightness for a variety of workpieces, even in case of small leaks.

The vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC is easy to control thanks to the ergonomic double-grip handle with manual valve or electric solenoid release valve. The equipment is painted in safety yellow and is intrinsically safe with an integrated vacuum accumulator (safety tank) and an acoustic warning system.

It can be operated with a mounted safety tank, power unit, or a separately located ejector, ensuring high operational safety even in case of power failure. Vacuum gauges installed on the display strip show the operating vacuum in each individual suction chamber.

Industry Packaging, Paper
Application Reels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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