Vacuum Lifter VacuGiant VG-90E

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Loads weighing up to 7.500 kg can easily be moved and swiveled by 90° with the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-90E.

In many production areas, heavy loads must be positioned vertically or removed from storage vertically. For these applications, the vacuum lifters series VacuGiant VG-90E are available with a swivel feature. It has the same features as the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG, however, due to its ability to move horizontally and rotate loads by 90° vertically, it offers a capacity of up to 7.500 kg. Typically, it is the hydraulic linear drives, secured by check valves, which rotate the load. This allows the load to be stopped at any point.

The simple but very robust design of the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-90E and the intelligent safety features of this giant ensure a safe and reliable handling of sheets up to 16 m long and 4 m wide.

Industry Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Naval, Ports and Airports, Steel Mill
Application Concrete blocks, Sheets and panels
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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