Vacuum Lifter VPL VM

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Customize the vacuum lifter VPL VM according to your company’s production needs. Its lifting capacity is up to 300 kg.

The vacuum lifter VPL VM, from the German manufacturer Fezer, is a material handling solution designed to provide more safety and comfort for the operator, and to optimize production processes and increase companies’ productivity. Using only one hand, loads weighing up to 300 kg can be easily moved at a lifting speed of up to 50 m/min, in an ergonomic and efficient manner. Due to its flexibility for different types of applications, the vacuum lifter VPL VM can be used to handle loads in all segments of industry.

The functionality of the vacuum lifter VPL VM is provided by a closed system consisting of vacuum pump, air hose, tube, and suction feet that keeps the material safe and under control by an integrated check valve, even in case of power failure.

The vacuum lifter VPL VM features a quick-change function to change the suction feet without interrupting the operation, prolonged or articulated control handles for easy adjustment to the workpiece dimensions and to the working height, 360° swivel knob, anti-noise box for the vacuum pump, manual and pneumatic swiveling device, ventilation for quick release of dense workpieces, and remote control on the control handle to start and stop the vacuum pump.

Industry Chemical, Construction, Energy, Pharmaceutics, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics, Wood
Application Boxes, Drums and barrels, Electronic devices, Sheets and panels, Stone slabs
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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