Vacuum Lifter VQL VC

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Handling materials weighing up to 50 kg quickly and ergonomically is easy with the vacuum lifter VacuQuicklift.

The high-speed vacuum lifter VQL VC is flexible and compact, offering full movement freedom and agility in handling materials up to 50 kg. It combines many advantages in one device. Its ergonomic design allows the operator to move loads with just one hand, without any effort.

The control handle, for example, incorporates the functions of suction, lifting, lowering, and releasing the load. As a result, the high-speed vacuum lifter VQL VC works incredibly fast and ensures shorter cycle times. Ideal for handling luggage, boxes, cartons, or crates that need to be picked or repacked quickly and safely. It can be used with a direct clamping base, for horizontal movements, or with a swivel knob and adapter for manually spilling materials. The gripping tool can be easily adapted to the needs of the material to be handled.

Industry Chemical, Construction, Pharmaceutics, Ports and Airports, Technology, Warehousing and Logistics
Application Boxes, Drums and barrels, Luggage, Sacks, Sacks and Bales
Equipment Vacuum Lifter
Manufacturer Fezer

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