Fezer is a German company with over 30 years of experience in vacuum handling techniques. They are in the third generation of a family business model with an excellent worldwide reputation.

They offer their customers vacuum lifting equipment optimized for different areas of application, with capacities ranging from 50 kg to 50 t.

They can be used in various segments of the industry, bringing more safety and ergonomics to handling tasks, as well as increasing the profitability of production processes.

Its equipment is versatile and efficient, living up to the company’s motto, “simply move more”.

CEO Fezer, Georg Komposch


Manipuladores a vácuo VPL_VM_chapa

Vacuum Lifter VPL VM

Customize the vacuum lifter VPL VM according to your company's production needs. Its lifting capacity is up to 300 kg.
Manipulador A Vácuo VQL VC bombona

Vacuum Lifter VQL VC

Fast and ergonomic vacuum lifting of materials weighing up to 50 kg is an easy task to accomplish with the vacuum lifter VacuQuicklift.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy VB

Ergonomic equipment for vacuum lifting materials weighing up to 2.000 kg. It relieves the physical effort of the employee and increases the productivity of your company.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB-90E carroceria

Vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-90E allows a safe and flexible material handling by 90°. Its lifting capacity is up to 1.500 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB-180E carroceria

Vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-180E

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-180E is capable of moving materials up to 1.500 kg and turning them easily by 180°.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy Mini VBM tubo

Vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM

The compact design and the low weight make the vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM the ideal partner for handling loads weighing up to 350 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy Vario VBV_chapa

Vacuum lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV

Vacuum lifting materials weighing up to 500 kg, with independent suction terminals that allow greater flexibility in the load position during the process.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG chapas

Vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG

This lifting equipment with excellent ergonomic design is ideal for handling raw material and heavy loads weighing up to 50 t.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-90E madeira

Vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-90E

Loads weighing up to 7.500 kg can be easily moved and turned through 90° with the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-90E.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-180

Vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-180E

With a capacity of up to 5.000 kg, the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-180E is the ideal solution for moving and rotating heavy sheets, whether porous or non-porous material, through 180°.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacucoil VC bobinas

Vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC

Vacuum lifting equipment for moving coils weighing up to 5 t efficiently and safely.
Manipulador a Vácuo VC-90E_bobinas

Vacuum lifter VacuCoil VC-90E

This vacuum lifter not only handles heavy coils weighing up to 2,500 kg horizontally, but also rotates them by 90°.
Manipulador a Vácuo VWLB_madeira

Vacuum lifter VacuWood VWLB

Vacuum lifter specially designed for handling wood in the form of panels, planks, and beams weighing up to 1.000 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuporo VP madeira

Vacuum lifter VacuPoro VP

Porous materials up to 1.000 kg can be easily moved horizontally or turned by 90° with the vacuum lifter VacuPoro VP.


• High performance and quality equipment, which can be adapted to the various requirements and needs of the customers.
• Competent consulting based on partnership.
• Excellence in service delivery.
• Highly motivated professionals with decades of experience in sizing and designing functional vacuum systems.
• Constant in-house training.
• Simple, efficient, and cost-effective system sizing based on high technology.
• Assembly and commissioning of the equipment, as well as regular maintenance.
• Top priority to operational safety, ergonomic handling, and simplicity of the systems.



Albert Fezer leaves FESTO and establishes the Albert Fezer Maschinenfabrik.


The company becomes widely known for its first appearances at trade fairs.


The woodworking division is expanded to include trimming and edging saws.


German Federal Minister of Economics Ludwig Erhard visits the Fezer stand at the Hanover Fair.


New building and relocation of the company to its headquarters in Esslingen-Zell.


The search for solutions for fixing wooden boards leads to the entry into vacuum technology.


Georg Komposch , grandson of the company founder, joins the family business.


Closure of the wood division and concentration on vacuum technology.


Introduction of the newly developed vacuum lifter VacuPowerlift.


Launch of aluminum crane systems up to 250 kg.


Introduction of the compact, high-speed vacuum manipulator VacuQuicklift.


Founding of Fezer Shanghai, China.


Creation of an own aluminum rail system for crane systems up to 500 kg.


Relaunch of the VacuBoy series with up to 25% less dead weight at the same load capacity.


Move into the new building with 800 m² office space and over 3.500 m² production and storage.

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