The essence of the company has always been to think outside the box, to seek new solutions, and to stay close to the people at work daily, whether they are company employees or customers. This confident and open way of dealing with people defines Hovmand to this day.

With more than 45 years of experience in the field of material handling and a lot of creative talent, Hovmand has become a company with a lot of freedom to develop ideas and innovations. There is a close connection and a dynamic, inspiring exchange between the headquarters in Køge, Denmark, and the subsidiary in Munich, Germany.

Just like Hans Hovmand in the past, Søren Hovmand is also an inventor and continues to seek proximity to customers and business partners. Today, the company is specialized in electric lifting trolleys for the most varied segments of the industry and for different types of applications. Its more than 50 employees and 70+ sales representatives around the world ensure that Hovmand manufactures and markets products of the highest quality.

Hovmand's CEO Søren Hovmand


Elevador elétrico Impact_70_bobinas

Electric Lifting Trolley Impact 70

The electric lifting trolley is particularly agile and compact for healthy and safe working conditions. Capacity up to 70 kg.
Tabela elevador elétrico IMPACT 80 engradados

Electric Lifting Trolley Impact 80

Lightweight and multi-functional electric trolley for lifting coils and boxes. With built-in charger and battery indicator. Capacity up to 80 kg.
Elevador Elétrico Impact 90 plataforma_garfo

Electric Lifting Trolley Impact 90

Electric lifting trolley with the fastest lifting speed on the market. For a particularly large number of daily operations. Capacity up to 90 kg.
Elevador Elétrico Impact 130 detalhe verso

Electric Lifting Trolley Impact 130

Hovmand's best seller. This electric lifting trolley is highly flexible and can be used for many different lifting functions. Capacity up to 130 kg.
Elevador Elétrico Impact 200 plataforma elétrica

Electric Lifting Trolley Impact 200

Combined with electric tools, it can also be used to handle drums. 24-hour operation, possible due to exchangeable batteries. Capacity up to 200 kg.
Elevador elétrico E300 barra

Electric Lifting Trolley E300

The E300 is the electric lifting trolley of the Danish company Hovmand, designed for the handling of heavy materials and need for hygienic environments. Its capacity is up to 300 kg.
Elevador elétrico Go

Electric Lifting Trolley GO

Featuring excellent ergonomics, agile design, and quality components, the electric lifting trolley GO is very simple to use. It supports loads of up to 70 kg and is perfect for carrying goods from A to B quickly and efficiently.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG chapas

Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG

Este dispositivo de elevação com excelente manuseio ergonômico é um equipamento ideal para movimentação de matéria-prima e cargas pesadas com até 50 t.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-90E madeira

Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-90E

Cargas pesando até 7.500 kg podem facilmente ser movimentadas e giradas em 90° com o manipulador a vácuo VacuGiant VG-90E.


• Innovation and technology.
• Customized solutions in material lifting and handling.
• More than 40 combinations of chassis, masts, legs, and platforms.
• Spare parts available for immediate delivery.
• Virtual Engineering Application – VE App.
• Affordable price.



Hans Christian and Bibi Hovmand founded H.C. Hovmand ApS Polyurethan in the village of Haverup near the town of Sorø in Denmark to develop custom-made polyurethane machines. The first constructions were produced in an old chicken coop on his property.

In the following years, Hovmand became the first dealer in aluminum sacking trucks in Denmark and took over sales of German conveyor belts and screening plants. Because of the company’s growth, Hans C. Hovmand initially bought a tent and set it up on his property to serve as a warehouse, then moved the premises to a roadside car dealership in Sorø;


To be closer to his customers, Hans C. Hovmand opened a store in central Copenhagen.


Moved the company headquarters to a 1500 m² building, also in Sorø.


The first electric lifting trolley was launched, with the same concepts used until today


Søren Hovmand took over the management of Hovmand A/S and sold the polyurethane company to devote himself exclusively to the production and sale of electric lifting trolleys.


Opened a subsidiary in Munich, Germany, with the intention of expanding the business.


Moved to a new factory in Køge, now with enough space for new developments. The Virtual Engineering App developed by the company, the VE App, received a Digital Award from the Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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