Lifting Table


The lifting tables are an ergonomic solution in material lifting, which benefit most workplaces, in the various segments of industry.

From standardized solutions for lifting goods and materials, to hygienic stainless-steel solutions for the chemical and food industries, Translyft’s lifting tables were developed to ease physical labor and reduce the need for repetitive movements, contributing to the health, safety, and well-being of employees.

They can be used, for example, to compensate level differences in a loading dock and optimize the loading and unloading of a truck in less time.

They also serve as workstations, lifting products to an ergonomically suitable height for working. These are just a few examples of how lifting tables can benefit your company’s production. Check out some of the models below:

Mesa elevadora em aço inox, modelo design higiênico


Mesa elevatória padrão

Single scissors lifting table

A single scissors lifting table can be used at different stages of the industrial process. It is extremely popular for lifting goods to an optimal height for the employee. This not only ensures a better efficiency, but also a better working height, therefore improving work conditions.
Mesa elevatória rebaixada TUB

Low profile lifting table

The low-profile lifting table is ideal for packaging production lines and in palletization areas precisely because it is 85 mm off the floor when closed and facilitates the handling work. Its maximum lifting capacity is 3.000 kg.
Mesa elevatória modelo econômico

Budget lifting table

The budget lifting table is made for todays' tasks and prepared for the unknown demands of the future. It facilitates manual handling and optimizes process efficiency. Its maximum lifting capacity is 2.000 kg.
Mesa elevatória pantográfica em aço inox

Hygienic design lifting table

To improve the hygiene, efficiency, and safety of the lifting processes, the hygienic design Translyft system was developed in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark. The lifting table is made of certified components and innovative features. Its maximum lifting capacity is 2,000 kg.
Unidade Móvel Flexmover

Unidade Móvel Flexmover

Esta unidade móvel é ideal para movimentar e elevar ergonomicamente materiais de até 1.000 kg em superfícies irregulares ou acidentadas.
Elevador elétrico E300 barra

Elevador Elétrico E300

O E300 é o elevador elétrico da empresa dinamarquesa Hovmand, idealizado para a movimentação de materiais pesados e que necessitam de ambientes higiênicos. Sua capacidade é de até 300 kg.