Mobile Units


The mobile units came to facilitate the handling of materials in any production process, where the displacement of a load is necessary or when the operation needs to be performed in narrow areas with difficult access.

They serve perfectly the most varied industry segments, such as, storage and logistics segment, electronics, packaging, food, and beverage, and so on. They can also be adapted to different applications and material types.

The mobile units developed by Al-Lift can be vacuum-powered, with electric hoist, battery-powered or with external power supply, in the form of a pallet truck with portal and rotating arm, or even as a trolley for transporting and lifting construction materials on uneven or rough surfaces.

Regardless of the model, all mobile units aim to bring more ergonomics to material handling tasks, relieving physical effort, as well as optimizing production processes and reducing operating costs.

Unidade Móvel Flexmover e Manipulador a vácuo


Unidade móvel AL-PACK MOBILE

Mobile Unit Al-Pack (MAP)

Mobile unit to assist in the ergonomic handling of materials. Easy to transport and use. Capacity to handle up to 80 kg.
Unidades móveis a vácuo e elétricas

Mobile Unit Al-Pack BAT (MAP-BAT)

This vacuum handling equipment was specially developed to move materials in narrow places and to work with power autonomy. It can handle up to 100 kg.

Mobile Unit Al-Pack Uno EL (MAP-Uno EL)

Mobile electric lifter for handling materials weighing up to 100 kg. Easy to handle with only one hand. Low power consumption.
Unidade móvel AL-PACK MOBILE EL

Mobile Unit Al-Pack BAT Uno EL (MAP-BAT Uno EL)

Electric mobile unit with up to 8 hours of battery autonomy. Easily moves various materials weighing up to 100 kg.
Unidade Móvel Flexmover

Mobile Unit Flexmover

This mobile unit is ideal to move and lift ergonomically materials of up to 1.000 kg on uneven or rough surfaces.
Elevador elétrico E300 barra

Elevador Elétrico E300

O E300 é o elevador elétrico da empresa dinamarquesa Hovmand, idealizado para a movimentação de materiais pesados e que necessitam de ambientes higiênicos. Sua capacidade é de até 300 kg.