Alsanner is constantly working to solve material handling challenges in various industry segments, always keeping ergonomics, cost reduction and process optimization in mind. We offer from standard equipment to customized solutions to handle both lighter materials, such as cardboard boxes and plastic drums, and heavy concrete slabs and steel plates. Therefore, we count on an experienced and qualified team of professionals, which helps us to provide the following services.


  • We provide phone assistance for the commercial proposals.
  • We identify the customer’s needs and recommend the equipment that best suits their operations and the different types of applications.
  • When necessary, we visit our customers for a better evaluation of the material handling challenge. This visit helps in the development of effective solutions and special projects.


  • We develop customized solutions considering the particularities of each company and its processes, which involve also, but not only, the type of product to be handled, the material it is made of, its dimensions and weight, the type of operation it will undergo, its degree of difficulty, the site layout, the physical effort involved, and so on.
  • We adapt standard equipment and platforms/tools to the customer’s specific needs.
  • We create complete material handling systems involving structures and supports such as overhead cranes and rotating gantry.


  • We assemble the equipment and material handling system at the customer’s plant, followed by training of the staff to operate the equipment.
  • Our technicians present the equipment, its functions and utility, teach how to ensure proper handling, what types of maintenance are required, and what technical adjustments to make to improve equipment and process performance.
  • The training sessions are dedicated and individual, and comply with the companies’ internal regulations, as well as with all required standards, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ergonomics, work shifts, etc.


  • Our service team consists of specialized and experienced professionals, who are available for immediate assistance.
  • We have a stock that allows us to promptly deliver the main spare parts used in our equipment.