Vacuum Lifter


The vacuum lifter from the German manufacturer Fezer was developed to handle, by means of a vacuum system, the most varied types of materials that not only can be attached easily and quickly but can also be carried without damage and in total safety. The various existing models enable the lifting of materials weighing up to 50 t.

All Fezer material handling equipment are completely safe, reliable, and in compliance with current standards. Large integrated vacuum storage tanks and monitoring devices guarantee maximum operational safety even in the event of a power failure. In addition, all manually operated vacuum lifters are equipped with a unique feature that warns if the material is sucked in by the remaining vacuum from the tank while the main switch is turned off. This monitoring sets new standards in the operational safety of material lifting equipment. 

The use of a vacuum lifter relieves the operators’ physical effort and prevents absences and sick leaves. It also increases the efficiency and profitability of production processes in companies, as well as safety and ergonomics at work. And the best of all is that vacuum handling has a comparatively low cost of investment. It convinces with its innovative design, its long-life cycle and, above all, its simple handling combined with safety and ergonomic features.

Manipulador a vácuo VPL_VM_tabua


Manipuladores a vácuo VPL_VM_chapa

Vacuum Lifter VPL VM

Customize the vacuum lifter VPL VM according to your company's production needs. Its lifting capacity is up to 300 kg.
Manipulador A Vácuo VQL VC bombona

Vacuum Lifter VQL VC

Fast and ergonomic vacuum lifting of materials weighing up to 50 kg is an easy task to accomplish with the vacuum lifter VacuQuicklift.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy VB

Ergonomic equipment for vacuum lifting materials weighing up to 2.000 kg. It relieves the physical effort of the employee and increases the productivity of your company.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB-90E carroceria

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy VB-90E

O manipulador a vácuo VacuBoy VB-90 permite uma movimentação de materiais a 90° com segurança e flexibilidade. Sua capacidade de elevação é para até 1.500 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy VB-180E carroceria

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy VB-180E

The vacuum lifter VacuBoy VB-180E is capable of moving materials up to 1.500 kg and turning them easily by 180°.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy Mini VBM tubo

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM

The compact design and the low weight make the vacuum lifter VacuBoy Mini VBM the ideal partner for handling loads weighing up to 350 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuboy Vario VBV_chapa

Vacuum Lifter VacuBoy Vario VBV

Vacuum lifting materials weighing up to 500 kg, with independent suction terminals that allow greater flexibility in the load position during the process.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG chapas

Vacuum Lifter VacuGiant VG

This lifting equipment with excellent ergonomic design is ideal for handling raw material and heavy loads weighing up to 50 t.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-90E madeira

Vacuum Lifter VacuGiant VG-90E

Loads weighing up to 7.500 kg can be easily moved and turned through 90° with the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-90E.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacugiant VG-180

Vacuum Lifter VacuGiant VG-180E

With a capacity of up to 5.000 kg, the vacuum lifter VacuGiant VG-180E is the ideal solution for moving and rotating heavy sheets, whether porous or non-porous material, through 180°.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacucoil VC bobinas

Vacuum Lifter VacuCoil VC

Vacuum lifting equipment for moving coils weighing up to 5 t efficiently and safely.
Manipulador a Vácuo VC-90E_bobinas

Vacuum Lifter VacuCoil VC-90E

This vacuum lifter not only handles heavy coils weighing up to 2,500 kg horizontally, but also rotates them by 90°.
Manipulador a Vácuo VWLB_madeira

Vacuum Lifter VacuWood VWLB

Vacuum lifter specially designed for handling wood in the form of panels, planks, and beams weighing up to 1.000 kg.
Manipulador a Vácuo Vacuporo VP madeira

Vacuum Lifter VacuPoro VP

Porous materials up to 1.000 kg can be easily moved horizontally or turned by 90° with the vacuum lifter VacuPoro VP.